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February 14 , 2013

 Real Points  Daily Reports on Commercial Real Estate D CEO’s Power Brokers—Class of 2013

Real Points Daily Reports on Commercial Real Estate D CEO’s Power Brokers—Class of 2013

D CEO’s Power Brokers—Class of 2013

By Christine Perez
February 14th, 2013 1:13am

CEOs looking for guidance on their commercial space have no shortage of options in Dallas, where real estate is king. Each year, D CEO magazine ranks the area’s top industry professionals with its Power Brokers list.

Our methodology: Leaders at North Texas commercial real estate firms tell us which brokers generated the most revenue for their companies in 2012. The number of names they’re allowed to submit is based on their total number of local brokers (20 percent for firms with at least 10 brokers; smaller firms may submit two individuals, if the brokers are partners).

This year, executives at 50 firms, employing 1,290 local brokers, participated. Office tenant reps came on strong, with 92 brokers on the 2013 list, compared to 78 last year. There were six additional industrial tenant rep brokers, and eight fewer retail brokers.

The 2013 class will be toasted at a private party next week on the 70th floor of Bank of America Plaza, hosted by D CEO and event sponsors Peloton Commercial Real Estate, Cedar Hill Economic Development Corp., CF Accountants and Consultants, Beyond the Box, and Ketel One Vodka, which will be mixing up special cocktails.

Copies of the March issue of D CEO, which includes an in-depth Power Brokers feature, will be distributed at the event. (Be watching for the story to debut online next week.)

The 2013 Power Brokers are presented below in alphabetical order, by areas of specialty.



John Alvarado, CBRE

Will Balthrope, Marcus & Millichap

Jonathan Bryan, CBRE

Gary Carr, CBRE

Lily Chang, Henry S. Miller Brokerage

Ben Chien, Henry S. Miller Brokerage

Chris Cozby, CBRE

Jack Crews, Jones Lang LaSalle

David Disney, UCR

Chad DuBose, John T. Evans Co.

Norman Eastwood, Marcus & Millichap

Bruce Endendyk, CASE Commercial Real Estate Partners

Nick Fluellen, Marcus & Millichap

Jack Fraker, CBRE

Dan Garrett, John T. Evans Co.

David Glasscock, Colliers International

Chris Gomes, Marcus & Millichap

Dirk Goris, CBRE

Tom Grunnah, Henry S. Miller Brokerage

Adam Howells, UCR

Darrell Hurmis, Henry S. Miller Brokerage

Craig Johnson, John T. Evans Co.

Drew Kile, Marcus & Millichap

Lane Kommer, Henry S. Miller Brokerage

Eddie Liebman, The Weitzman Group

Eric Mackey, CBRE

Josh McArtor, CBRE

Tom Paredes, John T. Evans Co.

Jennifer Pierson, CBRE

Ryan Reid, CBRE

Leigh Richter, Bradford Commercial Real Estate Services

Tom Salanty, Cushman & Wakefield

David Sours, CBRE

Creighton Stark, Colliers International

Evan Stone, Jones Lang LaSalle

Mark Stymiest, CBRE

Tommy Tucker, UCR



Steve Aldrich, Hillwood

John Bielamowicz, Henry S. Miller Brokerage

Jim Brice, Holt Lunsford Commercial

Stephen Cooper, NAI Robert Lynn

Tony Creme, Hillwood

Terry Darrow, Jones Lang LaSalle

Adam Faulk, Jackson Cooksey

Reid Goetz, Hillwood

Cannon Green, Stream Realty Partners

Blake Kendrick, Stream Realty Partners

Seth Koschak, Stream Realty Partners

Jason Miller, Bradford Commercial Real Estate Services

Jason Moser, Stream Realty Partners

Brian Pafford, Bradford Commercial Real Estate Services

Susan Singer, Bradford Commercial Real Estate Services

Michael Spain, Bradford Commercial Real Estate Services

Dan Spika, Henry S. Miller Brokerage

Steve Trese, CBRE

Jim Turano, Henry S. Miller Brokerage

Randy Wood, Duke Realty



Chad Albert, NAI Robert Lynn

Dave Anderson, CBRE

Jerry Averyt, Henry S. Miller Brokerage

Reid Bassinger, Lee & Associates

Mark Becker, Cushman & Wakefield

Steve Berger, CBRE

Greg Cannon, Transwestern

Gary Collett, Cushman & Wakefield

Dan Cook, Cushman & Wakefield

J. Holmes Davis IV, Binswanger

Bill de la Chapelle, Transwestern

Matt Elliott, NAI Robert Lynn

Trace Elrod, Jackson Cooksey

Tyson Erwin, NAI Robert Lynn

Trey Fricke, Lee & Associates

Allen Gump, Colliers International

Stephen Hemphill, Mohr Partners

Todd Hubbard, NAI Robert Lynn

Michelle Hudson, Hudson Peters Commercial

Noel Hutcheson, Colliers International

Craig Jones, NAI Robert Lynn

Ryan Keiser, CBRE

Seth Kelly, CBRE

Greg Lance, DTZ

Nathan Lawrence, CBRE

Art Leichner, Jackson Cooksey

Bob Luttrell, Jackson Cooksey

Conrad Madsen, Lee & Associates

Tom McCarthy, Jones Lang LaSalle

Rob Meche, Banner Commercial

Mark Miller, NAI Robert Lynn

Sharon Morrison, Transwestern

Greg Nelson, Lee & Associates

Nathan Orbin, Jones Lang LaSalle

Brett Owens, Transwestern

Tom Pearson, Colliers International

Mike Quint, Jackson Cooksey

Damian Rivera, Stream Realty Partners

Jean Russo, Cushman & Wakefield

Michael Stanzel, NAI Robert Lynn

Brad Struck, Transwestern

Michael Swaldi, Jones Lang LaSalle

Chris Teesdale, Colliers International

Tyler Trahant, CASE Commercial Real Estate Partners



Jeff Anderson, Transwestern

Dennis Barnes, CBRE

Bill Brokaw, Cushman & Wakefield

Kim Brooks, Transwestern

Bob Buell, Fults Commercial Real Estate

Kim Vincent Butler, Hall Financial Group

Debi Carter, Hudson Peters Commercial

Matt Carthey, Holt Lunsford Commercial

Tony Click, Crescent Real Estate Equities

Fletcher Cordell, Transwestern

Belinda Dabliz, Gaedeke Group

Sean Dalton, Younger Partners

Mark Dickenson, Cushman & Wakefield

Jeff Eckert, Jones Lang LaSalle

Sarah Erickson, Stream Realty Partners

James Esquivel, Jones Lang LaSalle

Trevor Franke, Peloton Commercial Real Estate

Tracy Fults, Fults Commercial Real Estate

John Grace, CASE Commercial Real Estate Partners

Mark Harrison, Granite Properties

Duane Henley, Transwestern

Burson Holman, CBRE

John Huff, Duke Realty

Robert Jimenez, Granite Properties

J.J. Leonard, CBRE

Ramsey March, Stream Realty Partners

Sandie Matejek, Jones Lang LaSalle

Justin Miller, Transwestern

Daryl Mullin, Jones Lang LaSalle

Tammy Nellis, Hall Financial Group

Kathy Permenter, Younger Partners

Todd Ratliff, Cawley Partners

Rick Rensi, CBRE

Andrew Schendle, Spire Realty Group

Matt Schendle, Cushman & Wakefield

Chuck Sellers, Peloton Commercial Real Estate

Trey Smith, Cassidy Turley

Grant Sumner, Peloton Commercial Real Estate

Chris Taylor, Cassidy Turley

Jeff Wood, Peloton Commercial Real Estate



Bob Acuff, CASE Commercial Real Estate Partners

Baron Aldrine, CBRE

B.D. Amend, The Amend Group

John William Amend, The Amend Group

Susan Arledge, Arledge Partners Real Estate Group

Brooke Armstrong, Jones Lang LaSalle

Chris Barnet, CASE Commercial Real Estate Partners

Robbie Baty, Cushman & Wakefield

John Beach, Jackson Cooksey

Eric Beichler, Mohr Partners

Greg Biggs, Cassidy Turley

Hunter Blanks, Colliers International

Bob Edge, Cushman & Wakefield

Bo Bond, Jones Lang LaSalle

Tom Brosseau, Swearingen Realty Group

Rachel Brown, Jones Lang LaSalle

Jim Buddrus, Swearingen Realty Group

Doug Carignan, Jones Lang LaSalle

Scott Collier, Jones Lang LaSalle

Dean Collins, Cushman & Wakefield

James Cooksey, Jackson Cooksey

Randy Cooper, Cassidy Turley

Russell Cosby, Jones Lang LaSalle

Matt Craft, Jones Lang LaSalle

Charles Daggett, Mohr Partners

Peter Danna, CBRE

Larry Denisoff, The Weitzman Group

Robert Deptula, Transwestern

Jeff Ellerman, CBRE

Carl Ewert, Jones Lang LaSalle

Lawrence Gardner, OMS Strategic Advisors

Art Green, Cresa Dallas

Bruce Hecht, Swearingen Realty Group

Matt Heidelbaugh, Cushman & Wakefield

Chris Herrmann, CBRE

Mari Hinojosa-Jones, Cushman & Wakefield

Scott Hobbs, CBRE

Nora Hogan, Transwestern

Curt Holcomb, Jones Lang LaSalle

Rick Hughes, Cushman & Wakefield

Kyle Jacobs, Rubicon Representation

Steve Jarvie, Jones Lang LaSalle

Granville Jenkins, Swearingen Realty Group

Scott Jessen, Citadel Partners

Kelley Kackley, Jones Lang LaSalle

Mike Kay, CBRE

Evonne Keene, Transwestern

Greg Langston, Cresa Dallas

Jim Lob, DTZ

Bryan Loewen, Newmark Knight Grubb Frank

Chris Mason, Jackson Cooksey

Bill McClung, Cushman & Wakefield

Mike McElwee, Cresa Dallas

Jon McNeil, Jones Lang LaSalle

Judge McStay, Cresa Dallas

Bob Mohr, Mohr Partners

Jim Montgomery, Swearingen

Charlie Morris, Colliers International

Scott Morse, Citadel Partners

Tommy Newton, Jackson Cooksey

Louis Pascuzzi, Jackson Cooksey

Dan Paterson, Swearingen

Lyle Patman, Partners National Real Estate Group

Janice Peters, Hudson Peters Commercial

Rob Pipkin, Mohr Partners

Phil Puckett, CBRE

Terry Quinn, Cresa Dallas

Steve Rigby, CBRE

Bob Robbins, Banner Commercial Inc.

Will Sale, CNL Commercial Real Estate

Brad Selner, Jones Lang LaSalle

John Shaunfield, Newmark Knight Grubb Frank

Chris Sido, Swearingen

Jeff Smith, Transwestern

Kent Smith, NAI Robert Lynn

Jeff Staubach, Jones Lang LaSalle

Tom Sutherland, CASE Commercial Real Estate Partners

Andrew Taguwa, Jones Lang LaSalle

Tim Terrell, Stream Realty Partners

Steve Thelen, Jones Lang LaSalle

Larry Toon, Jones Lang LaSalle

Jim Vanderslice, CNL Commercial Real Estate

Seth Weinstein, Newmark Knight Grubb Frank

Paul Whitman, Jones Lang LaSalle

Brian Whittington, Cresa Dallas

Warren Willey, CBRE

Craig Wilson, Cassidy Turley

John Wolf, Newmark Knight 
Grubb Frank

Mitch Wolff, Newmark Knight 
Grubb Frank

Rob Wolfle, Swearingen

Alan Wood, Jones Lang LaSalle

Michael Wyatt, Cushman & Wakefield



Jeff Brand, Brand Capital Partners

Jack Breard, UCR

Michelle Caplan, The Weitzman Group

Jay Ceitlin, The Retail Connection

Jonathan Cooper, Venture Commercial

Bryan Cornelius, Venture Commercial

Eric Deuillet, Structure Commercial

Grant Gary, The Woodmont Co.

Mike Geisler, Venture Commercial

Christopher M. Gibbons, Venture Commercial

Brian Glaser, The Weitzman Group

Ross Golman, The Retail Connection

Dawn Greiner, SRS Real Estate Partners

Daniel Harris, Henry S. Miller Brokerage

Earl Harris, The Weitzman Group

Darrell Hernandez, UCR

Rick Ikeler, SRS Real Estate Partners

Farhan Kabani, Marcus & Millichap

Peter Kosley, Henry S. Miller Brokerage

Steve Lieberman, The Retail Connection

Stan Lotridge, UCR

Terrence Maiden, Corinth Properties

Marc Marrocco, The Weitzman Group

John Mathes, The Retail Connection

Mark Miller, Hillwood

Henry S. Miller IV, Henry S. Miller Brokerage

Karen Mitchell, The Woodmont Co.

Troy Morgan, Structure Commercial

William Morris, The Woodmont Co.

Clay Mote, Venture Commercial

Greg Pierce, UCR

Richard Polishuk, The Weitzman Group

Mark Reeder, SRS Real Estate Partners

Kenneth E. Reimer, Venture Commercial

Terry Syler, The Retail Connection

Jason Vitorino, Marcus & Millichap

Steve Williamson, Transwestern

Jeremy Zidell, The Retail Connection

John Zikos, Venture Commercial

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