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August 01 , 2013

All In The Family | The Weirs

All In The Family | The Weirs

By: Tonie Auer | BISNOW Real Estate

TRC jim and jack weir
Since throwing newspapers from the back of a bike at age seven, The Retail Connection EVP Jim Weir hasn't stopped working, passing on that ethic to his son and colleague, TRC SVP Jack. Jim's worked quite the smorgasbord: mowing, picking watermelons, waiting tables, tending bar, and construction. He then went to 'Ole Miss and found his way to Texas following a girl. They broke up a week later, but he stuck around and worked as an accountant before leaping into project leasing and tenant rep.
Jim & Jack
Jack's first job: interning at The Woodmont Co at 15. He learned the inner workings doing everything from picking up lunch and answering phones to making packages and delivering contracts. (That's what interns used to do before lawsuits, now they just play games on their phones.) "It's important to learn from the bottom up," Jack says. He worked there until he left for Ole Miss (his sister would go there, too, continuing the family tradition). He didn't learn business philosophy there; instead, it was from watching dad. "He's an open book; there's no judging. He takes you for who you are and everyone gets a chance."
jim and jack today
Jim says he's having too much fun to consider retiring any time soon. And he has plenty of advice to give, like: It's all who you know. Half of real estate is networking, not having your name on a sign. And if you don't have integrity to do what is right for your client, then sooner or later you'll get weeded out. Jack is still listening after more than five years in project leasing and tenant rep at TRC, but he'll have someone else to listen to soon: he's getting married in January. But there's still plenty of time to hunt, fish, grab a beer, or watch 'Miss games with dad.
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