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September 17 , 2013

New Giant Shopping Center in Tyler

New Giant Shopping Center in Tyler


Developers for a new 700,000 square foot shopping center announced they are ready to build. 

The Village of Cumberland Park shopping center will be on the northeast corner of Toll 49 and South Broadway.

"All of this is positive for Tyler, Texas. We're excited they have chosen Tyler," said Tyler Mayor Barbara Bass.

The new giant shopping center is expected to be a big boost for the East Texas economy. 

"The sales tax is conservatively $2.5 million. I've heard estimates all the way up to $4 million a year once the development is completed and everyone's running up to full speed," said Mayor Bass.  
This shopping center will have approximately 90 retailers and attractions, providing many job opportunities for East Texans. 

"With this particular shopping center we're expecting over 2,000 new jobs," said Mayor Bass. 

These will be jobs that offer variety.

"There will be introductory jobs. There will be chances for people to move up and get an assistant management or management jobs," said Tom Mullins, President of Economic Development Council in Tyler. "They can get experience in a certain type of retail or service area that could become careers for a lot of people."

Economists believe this will lower unemployment and keep employers from going else where. 

"With 6-6.5% unemployment, that means there is a lot who would come into this workforce and come into these jobs in our labor market rather than have to leave the area to find work," said Mullins. 

For Mayor Bass, it's about seeing her community thrive. 

"The community will see the benefit of more people working, more people being able to support themselves and the ripple down that you have when people are gainfully employed and making a decent living for their families," said Mayor Bass.

They are hoping to have shops up and running by October of next year. 

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