Exclusively a synergistic platform, The Retail Connection delivers brokerage, advisory and investment services to maximize the productivity and profitability of retailers, landlords, and investors. The synergies between these service offerings provides The Retail Connection exceptional visibility into the market and enables us to provide the highest quality counsel at every level.
National Advisory

Growth can be difficult. Retailers spend nearly every waking moment trying to figure out how to grow. For a retailer or concept, growth sometimes may appear be a daunting of tasks. Whether expanding your assortment or creating new brands, growing your business is essential. The most impactful route is often the old-fashioned route – organic growth. Finding and opening new locations is a critical path to achieving a 3 to 5-year growth plan. And we’re ready to help. The Retail Connection provides a proven platform to help retailers achieve those plans and more importantly, achieve those plans profitably.

Our National Advisory Services platform provides an end-to-end solution for any retailer looking to increase their footprint. The number of moving parts and steps to move from a strategic vision to physical opening new locations can be staggering. Equally challenging can be repeating the process consistently across the country. All these steps are intimately connected and must be balanced against the long-term goal. We understand the entirety of this process. From creating and executing an expansion strategy to optimizing an existing portfolio, the National Advisory platform offers services beyond site selection. The platform is already in place and paying off dividends for brands such as Bed Bath & Beyond, Visionworks and Top Golf. We’re fully capable of supporting our clients anywhere along this process.

In addition, we’re can help our client’s ensure they are “growth ready”. Growth should not come at the expense of day-to-day operations. Using our collective experience and witness to best practices of some of the best retailers in the world, we can help ensure our client’s processes and resources are ready to execute a multi-store campaign. We can help bring speed and efficiency to a process that can sometimes become a point of pain, rather than an advantage.

We have great experience and proven track record of finding the right location and making great deals for our clients. But we also have experience which goes beyond the typical definition of brokerage. Think of us more as growth experts

Expansion Strategy | Tenant
For retailers looking for strategic guidance for their regional or national expansion programs, The Retail Connection provides strategic direction based upon its market knowledge, broad experience with similar retailers, sophisticated research capabilities, and its network of relationships.
TRC’s primary focus on retail, has led to the successful roll out of many high profile brands. Having assisted exclusive brands like Bed Bath & Beyond, buybuy Baby, Petsmart, Charming Charlie, and Sports Authority our experience is intuitive, productivity - driven and broad across product lines.
With an exclusive focus on retail, solid tenant representation experience and expert market research, implementing a successful strategic plan for a multi- store brand is second nature to the expansion team at TRC.

In-depth market research
Strategic Planning
Expert site selection
Collaborative brokers
Deal negotiation
Related real estate and development services geared to the specific needs of both established and start-up companies
Merchandising Plans | Property
When developing merchandising plans for specific properties, retail areas within a city, or streetscapes, The Retail Connection prepares a comprehensive and in-depth market analysis which includes a review of current retailers and the value they bring to the center, as well as the identification of the most properly-suited, best in class retailers for the given project.
We take a strategic approach to determining why the center may not be capturing its share of retail sales, based on the potential of the trade area, future residential and|or visitor growth projections, merchandise categories needed, and other factors that may be prohibiting maximum sales productivity of the center and|or its retailers. We apply state of the art research, industry knowledge and local statistics to determine with clarity the best tenant mix for the project. Upon completion of the Retail Merchandising Mix Plan, a dedicated team of expert brokers and other related professionals will develop strategies and tactics for plan implementation to be undertaken in the shortest time possible, with their main objective of increasing the shopping center’s revenue and overall value.

The Retail Merchandising Mix Plan is a refinement of the retail strategy and is developed according to the following guidelines.
1. To ensure that the nature and size of the retail mix will maximize the center’s potential to increase market share and retail sales;
2. To maintain and enhance the center as a vital retail real estate asset, providing merchandise and services that differentiate the property, enhance the neighborhood and bring increased value to ownership and partners.
Other services we provide to create great retail environments:

Create a brand identification
working collaboratively with brand experts
Identify key consultants such as architects, zoning attorneys, traffic consultants; define place-making and merchandising strategies whether the area is a district or a shopping center
Develop a marketing package tailored to the specific needs of the client/center/district
Identify other parcels to acquire/redevelop that would fit into the overall merchandising strategy
Implement a strategic timeline
Retail Operations
Running a retail store takes skill, patience, and diligence and can ultimately be very rewarding. At The Retail Connection, our retail store specialists have lifetimes of experience in successful store operations, having helped thousands of retailers become more educated as to what makes for a profitable, consumer-driven environment. We will provide you with helpful tips, counsel, and advice that will make your retail operation one of the most successful in the shopping center.
And, we will stay with you every step of the way to ensure your business maximizes its opportunities in the marketplace, all the while helping you achieve profitability and productivity.
The Retail Connection has represented thousands of retailers with their real estate strategy and execution. Our specialization and alignment with retailers empowers us to reach beyond real estate into core aspects affecting our customers’ business.
Our strategic planning team provides real estate solutions that maximize the business performance of our clients. Business intelligence combined with portfolio optimization, location evaluation and organizational strategies, our strategic planning team develops opportunities for companies to maximize the value of their real estate assets.
We know how imperative it is that our clients engage real estate programs that reinforce their business and financial objectives, and we are focused on understanding the vision our clients have for their enterprises.